Testimonials from our Customers

Outrageously Good

Recently an acquaintance in Lexington sent the wife & I a jar of Kentucky Smokin' Grill. It can only be described as "outrageous." Last night we tried it over broiled chicken breast. Wow. Twenty four hours later, I can still smell that wonderful aroma and taste the authentic flavor of real char-broiled chicken. That's really something if you live in a N.Y. apartment and haven't tasted hickory smoked meat in years. I've never been crazy about chicken, but now that has all changed.

New York, NY

Love it!

We were given a jar of your Kentucky Smokin' Grill Sauce, original and we love it!

Jacksonville, Fl

The Best Spicy Mustard

Recently I purchased a jar of spicy mustard at a state park of yours. It is the best me & my wife have ever had!

Cincinnati, OH

The Best

We have used your barbecue sauce for a couple of years. In my family's opinion it's the best we've had in a long time.

Lawrenceburg, KY

Disappointed We Didn’t Buy More

Me & my husband were traveling thru some state parks. We stopped at a cute little store and I purchased your BBQ sauce. At the time we purchased three jars, we thought we would try one and give to our friends. It was the most wonderful tasting sauce we ever purchased. We were very disappointed we hadn't bought more.

Fort Gratiot, Mi

Love Your Sauce

My husband and I love your Kentucky Smokin' Grill sauce. We use to buy Bull's Eye and KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, but your sauce surpasses those. The flavor is outstanding!!! Yesterday I baked a ham and put your sauce on it. It tasted great!

Lexington, KY

Out of This World!

In the summer a friend in Horse Cave, KY gave me some of your hot mustard, It was out of this world!

Keller, Tx

Best Sauce Ever!

Thank you for creating the very best ever sauce and for being willing to ship it to me or anyone. I will be giving everyone one for Christmas since it is so wonderful.

Danville, KY

Love the Flavor

I eat your spicy sauce on sandwiches all the time. I love the smokey flavor.

Danville, KY

Really, REALLY good

I put this sauce on a rack of ribs and threw it on my grill. Ribs are a hit or miss proposition -- they are either really good or barely edible. There is no in between. Ribs don't taste right if the basting isn't perfect. And it's based totally on the quality of the sauce. Kentucky's Smokin' Grill Barbecue Sauce made my ribs a hit! They were really, REALLY good.

Adam Miller Attorney, Danville, KY

Too Hot for a Texan!

I grew up in Texas and the "Too Hot For You!" is too hot for me, I use and enjoy the original and spicy versions.

J.P. Brantley Danville, KY

The best stuff on the planet!

Every family event (from my graduation from college to family reunions) we have always used Dave Kleckner for the BBQ and we always get our sauce from him. I swear by this barbecue sauce, it's the best stuff on the planet!

Liz Shearer CPA at Ruth and Vanderpool in Danville, KY

It’s GOOD stuff!

I've used Smokin' Grill products for many many years, and I keep coming back. It's GOOD stuff!

Bill Galbreath Danville, KY

Hurry, I’ve Got a Buffalo in the Fridge!

Dave -

You rekindled our love of Kentucky and its people. More to be enjoyed, of course, was your quick response to our emergency 911 call for more supplies before we run out. My wife Barbara and I appreciate your enterprise.

Perhaps in time, we will meet. I would love to revisit Kentucky and since Barbara loves horses, I may get my wish. But, enough of this... pack up that case of "black label" and send it on its way. I've got a 2200 pound buffalo in the fridge!

PS. I have this idea that this stuff may enhance the taste of split pea soup. What do you think?

Ernest McDaniel New York, NY

Your Meat Sauce is Excellent!

We just finished using the Smokin' Grill concentrate give to us as a gift. We look forward to trying your other products because the meat sauce was excellent!

Brad Pfiffer Georgetown, OH

The Absolute Best!

I just want to tell you that you have a wonderful product. It is the absolute best we have ever tasted!

I never liked BBQ … until now

I have never liked barbecue... then I tasted Dave's and I love that stuff on everything! I've always loved mustard -- especially the hot and spicy gourmet variety, and Dave's gourmet "Grand Reserve" Spicy Mustard is my favorite.

Steve Knight Danville, KY 40422

May I have some more?

I could probably eat this BBQ sauce EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yep, I love it that much!

Angela Allen Dunnville, KY

My Favorite Go-To Sauce!

Wonderful!  My favorite go-to sauce. I have used it for years and love to have on stock. And, it's wonderful for a take home gift when you have out-of-state company.

Susan Elkins Stanford, Kentucky

Best of the best

No other sauce will do. It really is the best. Not just on BBQ but I use it on sandwiches too. All my family uses it. My neighbors order it, and even my coworkers want me to bring them some.

John Riffey Detroit, MI

Best Sauces Ever!

My husband, Steve, usually calls and orders for me...but I am out of town on a job and had an emergency...I used my last jar of BBQ Sauce. I had to come and order more. My husband and I discovered your sauce when we were working in Kentucky, since then, we have introduced your sauces to our family and friends across the U.S. Just wanted to say, Thank you for having the best sauces ever!!

Catherine Port Aurthur, TX

Too hot for you…

Recently tried some of your Too Hot For You BBQ sauce I picked up in the Kentucky Proud section at Kroger. Best BBQ Sauce I've ever tried. Ever. Thanks.

Aaron Allen Co-Founder, Glass Hand Films www.glasshandfilms.com

Everyone’s favortite!

One of our friends introduced us to your barbecue sauce. It quickly became our favorite and the favorite of all our family. We now have to order it by the case! It's the best!

Joyce Villwock


So my dad has been going on about this BBQ sauce he bought that's "The best you ever had" Wow was he right! I just bought a jar of the original and coated some pork chops.....the best ever!!

Josh Farmer

Love the Sauce

Great heat, super flavor!

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