World's Finest Gourmet Mustard

Our Kentucky gourmet mustard is spicy-sweet with just a little bit of heat. It’s called Grand Reserve Spiced Honey Mustard… and it IS Grand.

Kentucky Gourmet Mustard - Grand Reserve Spicy Honey Mustard

Why Settle for Average Mustard?

When you want a mustard that stands out from all the rest, when you want something spicy-sweet filled with fresh ingredients and a flavor you can't forget, you need Grand Reserve Spiced Honey Mustard.  Why settle for generic mustards when such a magnificent one is available?

Visit our Kentucky BBQ Sauce & Kentucky Gourmet Mustard Recipes & Blog page for a slew of ideas on how to use our mustard to make your life a little more full... of flavor

Gourmet Kentucky Mustard is Good for Your Body!

If you are watching your weight, our spicy Kentucky gourmet mustard will help you keep your meals interesting and full of flavor without adding too many calories. (Seriously, a tablespoon of our spicy mustard is only 15 calories!)

If you measure the quality of life only by flavor -- and don't worry with calories -- you are really going to love this stuff! One tiny taste and we will win you over forever.

Buy Gourmet Kentucky Mustard Online - We Deliver.

Then, you might want to buy our Kentucky gourmet mustard by the case -- and share it with your family and friends. Or, you might want to keep the case all to yourself. It's great on meats as a marinade, it's wonderful on pretzels, it will spice up any sandwich or wrap you may want to pack for lunch -- and it's good as a tortilla chip dip (straight out of the jar!).

If you are a gourmet mustard connoisseur, you need to add Grand Reserve Spiced Honey Mustard to your collection. If you are a mustard lover, you need to add it to your refrigerator. And if you are a lover of all things Kentucky -- and you just love Kentucky Proud products -- you should give our Made in Kentucky gourmet mustard a try. You can order some online today!

Grand Reserve Spiced Honey Mustard Featured on
Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen Show

We were proud to be featured in the shopping segment and the recipe segment of this episode.

In addition to Good Foods Co-Op, our mustard and our Kentucky Smokin' Grill Barbecue Sauce are available at many other retail locations in Kentucky and in other states. (Get a complete list of retailers)

If you would like to watch the whole episode of Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen, you can do so on his YouTube Channel here. Thanks Tim, for featuring our mustard and introducing new folks to the GRAND taste!